"The entire team at (The Business Development Company) worked like a well-oiled machine on my early-stage financing. I received approvals from both BDCRI and a local bank, but the choice was obvious: Peter, Brenda, Karen, and Lisa were helpful and responsive from Day 1. Phone calls are answered by a human (rare these days), and inquiries are handled promptly. Peter and Brenda helped me clarify and solidify my goals by asking sometimes very penetrating questions. Long after disbursement I feel like they're still there for me, and I owe no small fraction of my business' success to them. I recommend them without hesitation!"
Dr. Richard Rosol
TattooMedics, Inc.
"Thanks for your ongoing support of MPC! Mearthane Products Corporation (MPC) is grateful for the assistance and partnership from Peoples Bank, SEED, Seacoast Capital, BDCRI and the other financial institutions from which we have received support over the years. Through your help, we are growing and improving steadily. This year, we were named the Small Business Exporter of the Year for the State of Rhode Island, as we now export over 45% of our production directly from RI to over 20 countries around the world. This success is made possible by the partnership we have with your organization. Our 70 employees say thanks!"
Pete Kaczmarek
Mearthane Products Corporation
President & COO
"Although we raised start-up capital, the growth and diversification of Care Resources was helped tremendously by the loans made available to us by The BDC. In addition, the advice, guidance and patient support provided by [Peter] and Karen was very valuable to Joe Haley, CFO/COO and me. The BDC played an important role in job creation, retention and impacting the quality and cost of healthcare in Rhode Island."
Bernard Lambrese
Care Resource Group
"Peter Dorsey and the Business Development Company are the real deal. Honest, caring business people who are there to help area businesses grow and win. I cannot say enough about them. They are a Rhode Island treasure, and a secret weapon to grow businesses in the region."
Andrew Schiller
Neighborhood Scout
Founder and President
"We value their perspective, their accessibility, their experience, their facilitation, [and] their advice. They are the ear that listens, the mouth that offers solutions and the heart that cares; they are our 'Dutch Uncles' of finance."
George A. Nolan
Great Northern Products Ltd.
"As a niche bank, [The] BDC's strengths are funding businesses and opportunities that may be somewhat unique or require teamwork with other financial institutions."
Michael Maziarz
Safelight Security Advisors
former Owner & CEO