Our Screening Process

A better understanding of what’s ahead is always helpful, especially when it involves money and business.  While no two deals are alike, we generally follow these steps:

  • After receiving an online application, we will be in contact with you within two business days.
  • The initial follow up is to get the background story and have a discussion. Sometimes additional information is needed to get a clear picture which is explained in detail.
  • When moving forward, our information requirements are generally similar to what a bank would require.
  • Provided we have the required information, our underwriting process is responsive and efficient. We have standard legal documents which are straightforward and reasonable.
  • Lower risk deals will move faster than those with a higher risk.
  • A site visit is always required.
  • As we configure a plan, the borrower is presented with a term sheet that details our proposed funding for approval.
  • Underwriting will begin after a term sheet is approved.
  • All credits are presented to our Executive Committee for approval.
  • The loan closing is the last step before funding.